Program Outcomes

The First-Year Experience at the College of Charleston integrates first-year students into the academic and cultural community of the College.  It is an academic program in which Faculty and Peer Facilitators introduce students to interdisciplinary thinking, academic integrity, the philosophy of the liberal arts and sciences education, and provide the skills to be successful in their academic careers.  These goals are achieved through the program's learning outcomes that focus on connecting students to campus resources, improving information literacy, and introducing them to the idea of integrative learning.

First Year Experience 10 Year Progress Report

The College of Charleston’s First Year Experience Program began in 2007 as our Quality Enhancement Project. From those early beginnings it has grown into a fully implemented graduation requirement for all incoming first year students.  The past 10 years has seen the FYE program evolve and develop in ways that were not foreseen by the original designers of the program. We have incorporated peer-mentoring into all of our courses, we are a center of faculty development on campus, and we have begun to develop a team that has moved beyond institutional assessment to develop a research-based approach to understanding our first year student experience.  Our goal in undergoing this review is to ensure that we continue to improve our program over the next decade of service to our incoming students. The following documents summarize our accomplishments.

First-Year Experience Program Outcomes

The Center for Peer Excellence

Program Assessment

Additional High Impact Programs Faculty Impacts