Learning Outcomes

The First Year Experience Abroad program offers students the opportunity to engage in a high impact study abroad learning experience early in their college career. Students attend weekly classes in the first half of the spring semester to:

  • explore academic content.
  • learn about another culture.
  • prepare for their travel experience, which takes place during spring break.

After the week abroad, students return to “unpack” the trip by reflecting on what they experienced, what they learned and what it all meant to them.

These courses are for course credit, but do not fulfill the FYE general education requirement. Student learning outcomes are based on three key aspects of personal development: develop, experience and reflect.

Develop: Students will learn about the host country’s culture and more about their own culture and experiences.

Experience: Students will have the opportunity to meet with locals and engage in the country by discovering cultural differences. 

Reflect: Students will reflect on their experience to make comparisons between their culture the culture of the country they are visiting. In addition, students will begin to think more globally

After taking part in the program students will:

  • increase their ability to interact with and observe cultural differences and consider issues from diverse perspectives (develop, experience, reflect). 
  • integrate continuous global learning into their academic and personal lives and explore international opportunities after returning home (experience, reflect). 
  • demonstrate a respect for the cultural differences that exist between the cultural values of the student and the local culture. Students will interpert their own culture and how it has shaped their values and beliefs (develop, reflect).