Outstanding Service to First-Year Students

At the end of every academic year, we ask all first-year students to recognize any individual on campus that has made an impact on their first-year.  Students can nominate faculty, staff, and other students who made a difference during the year.  Students recognize the person by name and give a brief description of how that individual made a difference.  Every individual who is recognized receives a small token provided by First-Year Experience.

2018-2019 Recognitions

Noah Bradley Residence Life, RA
Kristie (Kaj) Brian FYE/Women & Gender Studies
Charles Calvert Theatre
Joe Casa Higdon,  Cougar Excursion
John Chadwick Geology
Lindy Coleman Center for Student Learning
Delaney  Drake Teaching Assistant, Biology
Kionnie Epps CAPP,  PAC
Marissa Ferrara Communication
Soledad Francis Hispanic Studies
Renard Harris FYE/Institutional Diversity
Lauren Hetrovicz Hispanic Studies
Debby Jeter Mathematics
Lynda Keller Multicultural Programs & Services
Stephen Litvin Hospitality & Tourism Management
Lenny Lowe Religious Studies
Amy Malek International Studies
Dan Maroncelli Mathematics
Johnsie McNeil Liberty Fresh Food Company
Quintin Oriovitz Residence Life, RA
Charlise Page Residence Life, RA
Josh Petro Mentor
William Russell English
Sandra Slater History
Patrick Smith Honors , PF & Charleston Miracle
Mac Smith Residence Life, RA