Outstanding Service to First-Year Students

At the end of every academic year, we ask all first-year students to recognize any individual on campus that has made an impact on their first-year. Students can nominate faculty, staff and other students who made a difference during the year. Students recognize the person by name and give a brief description of how that individual made a difference. Every individual who is recognized receives a small token provided by First Year Experience.

We also have a list of past winners

2021-2022 Recognitions

Isabella Agostino Staff, New Student Programs - iCharleston
Lily Andrews FYE Peer Facilitator
Julia Arroyo Faculty, Sociology
Yaron Ayalon Faculty, FYE Jewish Studies
Stephanie Brown Staff, New Student Programs -  iCharleston 
Emma Brown Student
Timothy Callahan Faculty, Geology
Laura Cannon Faculty, English
Heather Crosby Faculty, History
Daniel Degado Faculty, Hispanic Studies
George Dickinson Faulty, Sociology
Roger Dulceany Faculty, Hispanic Studies
Bruce Fleming Staff, New Student Programs - iCharleston
Hollis France Faculty, Politicial Science
Silvia Hanna Faculty - FYE, Learning Community
Genevieve Hay Faculty - FYE, Learning Community
Regan Honeycutt Tutor, Center for Student Learning 
Tracey Hunter-Doniger Faculty, Teaching Fellows
Kathleen Janech Faculty, Biology
Joe Kelly Faculty, English
Margaret Keneman Faculty, French-Francophone-Italian Studies
Emma Kieve FYE Peer Facilitator
Amy Kolak Faculty, Psychology
Amy Malek Fauclty, International Studies
Yulian Martinez-Escobar Faculty, Hispanic Studies
Daniel Megli Faculty, Music
Michelle Moore Faculty, English
Cailey Murphy FYE Peer Facilitator
Patrick O'Reilly Residence Life, Resident Assistant
Evan Parry Faculty, FYE - Theater & Dance
Joseph Pegarella Staff, Market 159 
Mills Pennebaker Faculty, History
Luke Pillar Student
Don Polite Faculty, African American Studies
Carly Pruitt Staff, New Student Programs -  Charleston Bridge
Patrick Ramsey Center for Academic Performance & Persistence
Khalea Richard FYE Peer Facilitator
Blake Scott Faculty, International Studies
Shera Scott MSPS Mentor, SPECTRA
Violet Smith FYE Peer Facilitator
Maddie Snelwar Student
Brendan Standish Residence Life Staff -  RHD, Rivers
Elana Tiger FYE Peer Facilitator
Brenda Washington Public Safety 
Marjory Wentworth Faculty, FYE - English
Kelley White Faculty, FYE - Teacher Education 
Ben Wills Student
Noelle Yamaji Faculty, Asian Studies