Exploring the First Year Experience Workshop

This is a teaching workshop for faculty new to the FYE program that occurs each May.  It is designed to introduce new faculty to the history and goals of the program while helping them to infuse first-year student pedagogies into their First Year Seminars and Learning Communities.  This will be an interactive workshop that will help faculty design their course by modeling effective course strategies. This page provides material relevant to the FYE workshop.

2020 Workshop

Dates: Wednesday, May 6 - Zoom Overview for New FYE Faculty

August 20, 21 - FYE Workshop for New and Returning FYE Faculty

Agenda: 2020 Workshop Agenda

Breakout Sessions 


How does the FYE Workshop benefit faculty?

Read the full version of the 2016 FYE Workshop Report

  • "The FYE workshop was extremely helpful in demonstrating what to expect from students. What has worked; what doesn't and best practice strategies."
  • "The FYE served as an important reminder of the "new" challenges that students face as they transition to college, and helped me plan more thoughtfully about how to appropriately support them through those challenges."
  • "Many the issues that face freshmen, I have noticed, are also shared by upper classmen. Above all, I have learned that metacognitive strategies and discussion, that is to say, discussions with students about how they learn and about strategies for learning, are crucial at all levels; it doesn't end after FYE. And I find that this is the case especially in regards to writing."