Faculty for Compassionate and Sustainable Living Workshop

The Faculty for Compassionate and Sustainable Living (FCSL) is a workshop series that works towards three goals:

  • Goal 1: To increase student (as well as faculty/staff) exposure to—and eventually emersion in— a chosen 21st century issue through integration into courses and new course development
  • Goal 2: To increase faculty (and student) development of interdisciplinary research teams and/or community activist groups to proactively address the group’s chosen 21st century issue(s), both locally and globally
  • Goal 3: To increase faculty/staff/student support networks/campus-wide infrastructure to develop, implement, and model those values, skill-sets, and lifestyles best able to address group’s chosen 21st century issue, individually and as a college community

Program Directors: Drs. Martin Jones, Mathematics & Jen Cole Wright, Psychology

2018-2019 Workshop Topic: Food Security

2017-2018 Workshop Topic: Environmental and Social Justice

2016-2017 Workshop Topic: Animal Agriculture – From an Ethical, Environmental, Health, and Social Justice Perspective 

FCSL Meeting
FCSL participants meeting at Gnome Cafe