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From the beginning, FYE has provided funds to facilitate faculty-student and class-community interactions. These opportunities build student-faculty connections and help students connect to their community. FYE will fund both social and academic events for classes, either on or off campus, that involve both faculty and students. Every semester, each FYSE or LC section can request:

  • one course event that involves food (either at a local restaurant or delivered to campus).
  • course events that are tied to the learning objectives of the course (for example, tickets to a performance, historical tours, museum visits, dinner with faculty in their home, etc.)

Please review the guidelines below to see what is required for your event. Please give the FYE office at least two weeks notice when requesting a course event.

FYE Course Event Request Form

Please contact FYE (fye@cofc.edu) about facilitating payment for all events. Note: We can no longer reimburse you through Petty Cash on campus. All purchases must use a PCard from the FYE office.

General Guidelines for Course Event Planning


It's best to use food for special occasions – meeting times outside of class (for movies, talks, etc.), receptions for speakers, etc.

ARAMARK must be used for food on campus. For food during class time or class presentations, it's best to plan your event during the first two-thirds of the semester. Please review the Aramark catering menu before requesting your event.

If you're requesting to go to a restaurant off campus, please make sure you coordinate with FYE to set up the payment. Do not use personal payment methods. Once we set up the payment, please make sure you receive an itemized recieptTips need to be built into the bill and no alcohol is permitted at FYE-sponsored events.

Our office will do our best to respond to your request within one week of submission.


To go off campus, all students must sign a travel waiver. These should be sent to the FYE office, preferably before the event.

Off campus events may take place at any time during the semester, but the purpose should be to supplement discussion with faculty members or other class guests.

The campus now has extensive travel policies associated with the use of personal cars and renting vans. Plan ahead if you know you will require the use of a rented van for transportation. You will need to complete safety training before you can rent from a company or use College of Charleston vehicles.

Our office will do our best to respond to your request within one week of submission.


If taking a class to an on- or off-campus performance (play, music), please look up ticket prices, date and time before filling out the request form. Please have an accurate head count so tickets can be bought for the correct number (and so the group can be seated together as much as possible). If you are going with your students, include yourself in the count.

Our office will do our best to respond to your request within one week of submission.