Synthesis Seminars and Peer Facilitators

All Seminars and Learning Communities have an attached synthesis seminar (FYSS) that is an integral part of our First Year Experience courses.  The FYSS is run by a Peer Facilitator (PF) whose job is to serve as role model to the first-year students, help them to learn about the College of Charleston, how to be successful in academics, and to help introduce them to the world of scholars. Peer Facilitators take an academic course taught by Page Keller (Director, Center for Excellence in Peer Education) to help prepare them for their leadership role.  In addition to covering material on the transition to college, PFs work with faculty to construct and lead discussions with their students to help them synthesize material covered in class either to their other classes or to their own lives (hence the name Synthesis Seminar) 

As part of the proposal process we ask you to nominate several students who you think would be good candidates to be a Peer Facilitator in your course.  Here are some things to think about when suggesting a student:

  • If you are repeating in the program and would like to use your same PF as this year, check with them for their interest/availability before you send in their name.
  • Consider a couple of students you might be interested in having work with you and your students.  Students who have leadership abilities and have shown a good work ethic/academic ability in your classes are a good place to start.  Please approach these students and ask if they would be interested before you send in their names.
  • If your Learning Community has more than 25 students in it, you will most likely be assigned two PFs.  
  • FYSEs and smaller Learning Communities generally have one PF, although if you are recommending a student currently in your FYE class who will only be a sophomore next year, we may pair them with a more experienced student.
  • Once a student has expressed an interest and you recommend them, they will go through an application process with Page Keller.