First Year Experience

The First Year Experience is an academic program designed to fully integrate new students into the academic and cultural community of the College. All of the courses offered in this program give new students an opportunity to work closely with top-level faculty. FYE is also designed to help you meet other new students early on, which will help smooth your transition to college. The program also teaches you the skills needed for success throughout your academic career. Fostering these connections and skills in the first year is crucial to success at the College, graduation, and beyond. To delve more deeply into the First Year Experience courses, please visit our Courses section of the webpage.

best-colleges-first-year-experiences.pngFor 2021, the College of Charleston's FYE program has been listed among the top in the U.S. by U.S. News & World Report.

 FYE in the News

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Students in China to a Tea: An Introduction to Chinese Culture, History,
and Religion celebrate the Chinese New Year with a tea ceremony.
If you are an entering first-year student at the College of Charleston and feel that you should be exempt from the First-Year Experience requirement, download the waiver form and either email it to or deliver it to the Lightsey Basement Suite B53.
AP, IB, or dual-enrollment courses are not considered when applying for an FYE Waiver.