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2018 FYE Abroad Courses

FYE Abroad is an optional course experience for students to parttake in during the spring semester of their first year. FYE Abroad courses are only open to incoming first-year students. For specific information about cost, signing up, and course requirements for any of the 2018 courses, please contact the professor listed with the course you are interested in learning more about.  

FYE Abroad courses do not count towards the FYE graduation requirement and students are allowed to parttake in an FYE Abroad regardless of the semester (fall or spring) they complete the FYE graduation requirement with one of the FYE academic course options.

Please contact each professor directly in regards to spots available, cost, application, etc.

UK Soccer Experience

Examine the role of soccer (football) in contemporary England and its role in the culture, politics, social conflict and social change. Experience soccer (football) matches in person and tour some of the most historic English stadiums. Sit and interact with marketing staff at Manchester City FC and Community Development officers at Nottingham Forest FC. Travel to London, Manchester, Nottingham, and Edinburgh and investigate the socio-cultural dynamics of the relationship between soccer (football) and England! For more information contact Dr. Bruce Fleming at and visit the course website.

Course Directors: Bruce Fleming (New Student Programs) and Cam Saleeby (Admissions)

Island Immersion: Language and Culture in the French Caribbean (Guadeloupe, French West Indies)

Live like the locals in the French Caribbean by immersion in Guadeloupe's language and culture. This course will include family homestays, intensive language courses, and excursions to the natural  and cultural attractions of the island - from kayaking and gardens to museums and cooking classes. We will also spend a day of service learning with a local organization to engage with the community. For more information contact Dr. Kathy Kaufmann at and visit the course website.

Course Directors: Kathy Kaufmann (French)

Sustainable food in the foothills of the Andes: Destination Peru

Engage with Peruvian NGOs, businesses, and farmers to learn about sustainable food systems and development in Peru. We will connect with NGOs and businesses to understand approaches to agricultural development, and live with native farmers to work on an immersive service learning project that explores the interconnectedness of the environment, culture, and economy in the context of agriculture. We will also have opportunities to explore the attractions of the country, ranging from the city life of Lima to hikes in the Andes. For more information contact Liza Wood at and visit the course website.

Course Director: Liza Wood (FYE/Environmental Studies)

Spanish Vistas: Art, Architecture and Cuisine

Explore the Spain through the lens of art, architecture, and cuisine in Barcelona and Madrid. We will visit iconic buildings such as la Sagrada Familia, Casa Battlo, and the Chapel of Santo Tome, see the works of artists such as Picasso and Dali, and share meals in city cafes, enjoying traditional Spanish food and dining culture. For more information contact Devon Hanahan at and visit the course website.

Course Director: Devon Hanahan (Hispanic Studies)

Paris Up Close

We will explore Paris as an international city from multiple angles. The history of the development of Paris as a cultural capital of the world will be the primary emphasis.  We will also seek out the remains of the various pasts of the city at selected sites, areas, and neighborhoods. For more information contact Dr. Bill Olejniczak at and visit the course website.

Course Director: Bill Olejniczak (History)